Rachael Cozad Fine Art provides a broad range of services for the new or seasoned collector. Our clients include individuals, museums, attorneys, estate planners, businesses, insurance agents and local, state, and federal agencies.

Collecting art is a unique experience for everyone and can be viewed as a journey of personal discovery. Whether you are a new collector establishing your own vision, or refining an existing collection, there are instances when you may need a consultant’s practical, unbiased opinion or guidance. Rachael Cozad’s longstanding personal relationships and contacts in the art world are extensive and offer a broad perspective. Our consulting services offer collectors access to auction houses, galleries, museums, art fairs, artist’s studios, and other private collections.

Private Sales

When buying or selling artwork autonomy, privacy and transparency are all important considerations, and we uphold the highest in ethical standards. Artwork is researched with attention to scholarship and connoisseurship using the extensive library and resources available to Rachael Cozad Fine Art. Cozad’s background as a museum curator and director, as a certified appraiser, as an advisor to major collectors, along with her years of experience in the marketplace ensure a complete understanding of each artwork and its historical, monetary, and potential value. Scholarship on a given artwork includes confirmation of its authenticity and provenance, it’s physical condition, its aesthetic, critical, and historic significance, as well as market data to substantiate price.


Buying and selling can take place on several platforms. Services include negotiating private sales between individuals, bidding for clients at auctions, and conducting research on retail prices. Every aspect of each transaction is as transparent as possible while ensuring privacy for all parties involved. And always, discretion is at the forefront.

Collections Management


Services include cataloguing of collections using an illustrated database system, consultation on matters such as design and installation, framing, conservation and restoration, lighting, photography, insurance, transportation, loans to exhibitions, facilitating tax-deductible donations, estate planning, and a broad array of special projects.

Rachael Cozad is a certified member of the Appraisers Association of America and brings extensive experience and knowledge to each appraisal assignment. Our sister company Madison Group Fine Art Appraisals provides appraisals for all purposes including fair market value for client information, charitable donation tax purposes, estate or gift tax, equitable division, and insurance scheduling or loss.

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